Aspire2Be is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering young women to dream, create and grow through outdoor experiences, Action Sports and art programs.




Aspire2Be believes In:
• The power of education to inspire + impact positive lifestyle changes.
• The long-term benefits of healthy, active pursuits.
• Creating a safe and nurturing environment where young women can follow their dreams.

• Ultimately celebrating life at every turn, both on and off a board!


Founder Pamela Zoolalian:

Pamela is no stranger to the transformative potential of action sports. Pamela has been a rebel in her own right, she was on the cutting edge of competition and has made a name for herself by consistently winning in the male-dominated sports of professional streetluge and downhill skateboarding.  She is the only female athlete to qualify and compete in the ESPN X Games, NBC Gravity Games and Playstation Xtreme Games.  She has traveled extensively and competed in the International Gravity Sports Association World Cup series and has stood on podiums next to the sports best.  Her leathers, helmet and streetluge board have been prominently displayed at Disney’s All Star Café in Orlando, Fl.

Pamela is not only an athlete she is also a successful apparel designer within the action sports industry and has worked for the biggest and the best for 15 years.

Pamela’s positive energy and dynamic personality have earned her credibility as a commentator within the industry, as seen at the NBC Gravity Games and the ESPN X Games, Vans Triple Crown, RE:evolution of Sports. She also hosted her own radio show The Core Radio. She has also been featured in top magazines including Los Angeles Magazine, Paper, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated and Details. A 45 second NIKE commercial featured Pamela as the Just Do It Downhill Diva, and Pamela was photographed by acclaimed artist Annie Leibovitz for the Women in Sports Project.

When Pamela volunteered to be a youth mentor seven years ago, she had no ideal how radically it would change her life. She realized she could share her rich experiences and inspire young women to reach for their dreams just as she had through art and action sports.

Pamela leads Aspire2Be with a complete love and passion for the industry.

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