Suzanne Ali is a documentary television producer from Los Angeles, California.  The daughter of a Middle Eastern immigrant, Suzanne has spent quite a bit of time traveling and working abroad.  Over the course of her career Suzanne has interviewed people from all walks of life, in all manner of situations.  The three things that inspire her are: the beauty of the natural world, the capacity of compassion in human nature, and her extraordinary (and wonderfully quirky) friends.

Board of Directors



Susanne Ali

Lori Black

After a  successful career in the Telecommunications Industry, Lori Black followed her passion of the outdoors and started a new career in the Outdoor Industry.

An avid runner, Lori has competed in numerous half marathons, marathons & ultra running events. A highlight for her was finishing the TransRockies 6 day stage race in Colorado. Things that continue to inspire her are bagging peaks, testing her limits & spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.

Cindy Holmes

Cindy Holmes grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles after college. She later pursued a career in Design, graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Cindy is now the owner and creative director of Studio 33 Design in South Pasadena. When Cindy isn’t working you can usually find her hiking in the local mountains, sea kayaking, trying her hand at stand-up paddleboarding, or playing with her dog, Max. She is a volunteer instructor with the Sierra Club and helps teach a yearly Wilderness Travel Course to students interested in improving their navigation and backpacking skills.

Sierra Lawe

Sierra brings a wealth of knowledge with her Masters in nonprofit managment. Working with various non-profits: Homeboys Industires, Learning Works, among others, Sierra knows her way around. She strives to always leave behind something better than what she  originally come across. Sierra has also founded "her Own Trail" a nonprofit dedicated to getting women of all ages more involved in outdoor activities.

Rachel Rondino

Rachel Ellis is passionate about helping girls grow into strong, self-actualized women. To that end, she is dedicated to offering guidance and mentorship to young ladies in effort to help them fully realize their capabilities. Rachel understands that healthy finances and the ability to approach life as a journey are two tools needed to turn potentials into realities. She was taught early on that intentional financial planning can allow you to live the life you choose, as opposed to a life to which you are indebted. In the spirit of this philosophy, Rachel is on a crusade to teach anyone who will listen to save for his or her “future self.” Rachel also believes that an integral part of living the life you want is creating your own adventure. That is why she chose a career in the outdoor industry, working in a capacity that enables her to help others achieve their dreams in a powerful way. For impactful work in her field, Rachel received the coveted REI Anderson Award, a peer-nominated honor given for embodying an authentic life true to the outdoors, which exemplifies integrity, stewardship, and respect. Rachel feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue her work through Aspire2Be.

Pamela Zoolalian

Pamela leads the team with 25+ years of outdoor and action sports experience.  Her passion has helped drive her on all levels. It is that passion that helped bring together her vision of Aspire2Be. When Pamela is not working with youth you can find her in the backcountry having many of her own adventures. You can also find her teaching the Wilderness Travel Course through the Sierra Club to adults of all walks of life. Pamela always believes is living your dreams. In keeping that belief close to her heart she has be able to see young women grow beyond what they thought they could accomplish.

Pamela leads Aspire2Be with a complete love and passion for the industry.

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