International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. All week long great articles on all things "awesome" have been posted. I've enjoyed reading every word! It has also prompted me to think a lot about myself, my journey, and the joys of living. I mean truly living! I've always just been present and lived in the moment. Even as a young girl it just seemed so simple. I never thought about yesterday or tomorrow but of just where I was, in the now. I always just knew what I wanted and went after it. I never thought of the "what ifs". I just set a goal and moved towards it, quickly, precisely and without consequence. And you know what? It always seemed to work. As an adult I still live by that same philosophy. Just go for it! Don't over think it, just set a date and go! By nature the things I do: Backpacking, hiking, Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Surfing, skateboarding, Mt. biking (the list goes on) have all kept me completely present. Or "On it" as I like to put it. As a mentor and founder of a nonprofit that works with young women, I am regularly reminded of just how easy it is to have our own internal dialog keep us down, afraid or just doubtful of what can be accomplished. To all those doubtful moments we all have, remember, never loose that dream! It is our dreams that drive us, keep us alive, keeps us going, makes life real! I have always felt blessed. Not because my challenges haven't been real. Some have been incredibly overwhelming and took everything I had to make it through. But in all the hard times, I had my dreams, my passions, and the drive to always find something precious no matter the moment.

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