Meet Keana, 9 years old & Backpacking

My name is Keana Mae and I started backpacking with my Dad since I was 6 years old. Now 9, My Dad and I continue to explore our local mountains. For the past 3 years, I have camped throughout the Angeles National Forest and the Cucamonga Wilderness favorite is Little Jimmy Campground because of the spring. Lately, I have been bikecamping with my Dad a lot and I love going to Glenn Campground off of West Fork on Highway 39. I love camping and exploring because of all the amazing things I get to see and touch. I also enjoy the company of friends we get to go with...everyone is so friendly and my Dad says that they are our extended family. I love how they always welcome me in the group even though I am only 9. They are also very encouraging especially on difficult trails. What I love the most about backpacking and bikecamping is the food. Everything just tastes better when my Dad and I are outdoors...especially the fresh pancakes he cooks for me for breakfast. I hope you can join my Dad and I some time...I need more kids my age to hike with #aspire2be #girlswhohike #theshadedtrail - Keana Mae

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