There has been a campaign circulation called #DearMe. If you could write a letter to your younger self what would it be. I took the challenge and these are the words to my younger self.


You are an adult now, but what you didn’t know as a younger you, was how amazing your life is going to be! I know in your teenage years you are going to struggle. Struggle so hard. You are going to struggle with confidence, struggle with your identity, and struggle with finding your clan. But what you won’t know is all those struggles will be what shapes who you will become. What you don’t know is how amazing you are going to be!

If I could tell you anything it would be to be yourself. Have confidence in who you are, because you are beautiful. You light up a room with your smile and you don’t even know it. Sure there will be people who will be mean to you and try to bring you down. What I wish you knew was all of those mean words from others are said because they too are struggling and insecure. They are mean to you because they see the beauty in you and it makes them jealous and afraid. While, yes, those words will hurt you and you will hold onto them for a time. They will make you stronger. You will look back and they will be your battle scars and remind you who you are. They will remind you of the people you want in your life. The people who make you laugh, who love you for you, who support you and who are like family. You will be smart enough, after a time, to know those words are just words.

I also want to tell you about love. You, have always just loved, you love freely and passionately. You love life, you love your friends and you love adventure and new experiences. Don’t change a thing! That love for life is what helps guide you in the direction of amazing possibility. Your older self (me) know this and my younger self (you) feels this and lives this without consequence. And it is beautiful. It is what draws the amazing friends you now have into your life. I want to thank you, my younger self for this. Somehow through all the tough times you just bounced back. You are a warrior, stronger than you know! Looking back at things, I am in awe of you. After so much struggle in your teenage years, you can still carry the innocents and joy of life as if it were a gift.

To my younger self, remember it is the dreams that move us forward. It is our dreams that keep that door of possibility open. I think you know this however, because somehow you just kept on dreaming. Remember to never listen to doubters or naysayers. Again they say those thing to you because they know they themselves can’t accomplish what you can. Stay driven and go, make your dreams a reality. Trust yourself and listen to you, your heart. Only you, really knows you best!

And as your older self, stay present in every moment. This will take you time to learn. But I want to tell you this now. Because once you begin living in the moment you will live in a blessed place.

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